How I can help

Based on my 10+ years academic expertise and professional experience in the areas of open data and open government practices as well as free/open source software, open access/content, and open standards, I am able to support your organisation in several ways:

  • As a public institution: devising open government and open data strategies for your organisation including readiness assessments based on World Bank practices and our own research and experience ranging from internal data publication processes to community building around civic tech/innovation best practices up to impact measurement instruments;
  • As an aspiring start-up or social business: You want to benefit from the availability of open data and open source software, but are unsure how exactly? Unsure how to design an open business model from your idea and still live from it? Let’s talk!;
  • As a corporation: Your market is prone to be “disrupted” by open approaches pushed by start-ups (see above) and you are not sure about how to adjust your strategies? At the same time, you sense a change in society moving away from ownership, which is a basis of your current business model. We should talk!;
  • As an NGO: You sense that with the advent of open data your work for the good cause could profit a lot (and with open source you could save a lot), but you are lacking technical expertise and experience to understand the implications. Give us a call and let’s explore the possibilities.

Depending on your needs, I can act as an independent and neutral ideas provider, sounding board, or reviewer when you devise strategies about opening up parts of your value creation process to involve online communities outside your organizations’ boundaries. In all areas mentioned, I can help identify the strategy landscape through quality research and sound consulting geared to business or public sector decision makers.

If your organisation is at an early stage, I can enrich the brainstorming phase and bring in an outside, yet knowledgeable perspective through engaging and thought-provoking presentations or high-level awareness-raising workshops for your leadership and senior staff members. Profound change like opening up your organisation has to be supported by the top executive or political level.

If your organisation already has an openness strategy, I can help during the implementation phase with specific assessment instruments to track progress. I can train your senior staff in how to bridge the gap between organizational hierarchies/boundaries and fuzzy online communities to build long-term mutually benefiting interactions (e.g., designing public-community partnerships for public sector bodies including the design of community-based events like hackathons). In such projects, I can give advice on utilizing open licensing schemes and open standards for technical specifications to help spur community participation and help create collaboration.



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